Prefere de Fromi

Prefere de Fromi

Prefere de Fromi

In France there is a wonderful cheese called Reblochon. Soft, delicate, creamy with a favorable flavor of earth and terroir, this AOC cheese is illegal to import into the states due to its youthful age of 4 weeks old (as an unpasteurized cheese it needs to be aged over 60 days to be brought into the United States legally.) However, here at the cheese shop we have found a very close duplicate called Prefere de Fromi. Resembling perfectly in shape, size and flavor, this faux Reblochon is as close as you can get to the real thing without having to travel 4,000 miles. But match it with our 2008 Sattui Family Pinot Noir and you might just think you were looking over the Rhône-Alpes in Savoie yourself. Bon appetite!

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