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The winery is located at 1111 White Lane just south of the town of St. Helena and is open 9:00 – 6:00 p.m. daily.

Founded in 1885 in San Francisco by Vittorio Sattui, V. Sattui was re-established in St. Helena in 1975 by great-grandson Dario Sattui and is a family business. It is the only winery in Napa Valley with its own extensive in-house deli;  chef Gerardo Sainato directs the kitchen, which produces wood-fired pizza, barbequed oysters, fresh mozzarella-with-condiments, pastas, panini, charcuterie, desserts, breads, salads and cheeses from around the world.

Six Tasting Options

Visitors have six very different options for tasting:

Main Tasting Room offers a Classic Tasting (for $5, you sample six wines)
Main Tasting Room also offers a Premium Tasting (for $10, the six wines include single-vineyard & limited-production wines)
Main Tasting Room also offers Pairings (for $18, a choice between 5 different flights of 3 wines each paired with an unusual food item—ranging from variations of chocolate to pate, cheeses, crab cakes and more)
The Cellar Club: members of the winery’s Cellar Club have access to an atmospheric setting downstairs, where any or all of the winery’s 45 wines are available to taste
The Gold Room: Cellar Club members can arrange for private, focused tastings and food pairings in this handsome room
The Vittorio Room: reserve, library and limited release wines are available to taste here.

V. Sattui wines are sold exclusively from the winery. There is no outside distribution; therefore the wines are priced much lower than in retail stores and cannot be found in restaurants or wine shops. One of the winery’s ongoing programs is a regular video on its website by President Tom Davies and Executive Vice President Peter Godoff–The Wine Guys—discussing wines and offering ‘insider’ deals.

Winery of the Year

Winery of the Year

Winery of the Year

V. Sattui has been named “Winery of the Year” three times by the California State Fair—in 2007, 2006 and 2004. For the second time in the past four years, V. Sattui Winery has been chosen “Best Winery In The Western U.S.” in 2009 by The Critics’ Challenge Wine Competition.

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